Kulturbahnhof Kassel

The “Kulturbahnhof” conference center is located in a large brick building that was used for storage purposes in the old days. It was part of Kassel’s former main station (“Hauptbahnhof”) which now serves as a regional train station. The conference center¬† is barrier-free, has two stories and consists of six lecture rooms holding between 60-400 each. More rooms and cinema theaters for film screenings will be added from other parts of the Kulturbahnhof. The building itself also hosts museum and archive of Kassel’s 19th century composer and violinist Louis Spohr, a radion station, a cinema, a cartoon gallery and various shops/cafes.

All rooms are equipped with data projectors and the larger ones with microphones for the speakers. An electric piano and further technical equipment will be provided at the conference registration desk. Free WiFi is included for all participants.

Info & Dates

In the last week of June 2017, the University of Kassel and the German speaking branch IASPM-D-A-CH welcome you to the first international conference in Germany since 1991…

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Travel Info

As for flights, we suggest to fly into Frankfurt, which will offer most possibilities and eventually best prices…

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Here you find a list of hotels and guesthouses in Kassel…

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