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As for flights, we suggest to fly into Frankfurt, which will offer most possibilities and eventually best prices. There is a train station at the airport and some trains go direct to Kassel (the name of the main station is Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe) in 1h45min. It is a bit of a hassle but you can also take a local train and change at Frankfurt Main Station (Hauptbahnhof).

German trains (Deutsche Bahn) has modified the booking procedure so that you can now reserve tickets 6 months ahead. Good prices for trains are always fixed to a specific date and time. So, we suggest to start looking for a train now. It should be leaving / arriving at the airport 2-3 hrs after / before your scheduled flight times in case of delays. The procedure is described below.

Go to the website and select the appropriate language. English is used for the following examples.

Type / select the names of the stations in the search form as follows and adjust time and date as required:

The first results window displays the options for your outward journey:

The prices in the left column are those tied to a specific train, the full prices to the right can be used with any train. We suggest to pick one of the few direct trains indicated by the number ‘0’ in the column “Chg”. Or else, choose a cheaper but slower and less convenient train. The next results window displays the options for your return journey:

The prices listed now are for the full trip. They are generally higher on Fridays and Sundays and will keep going up as the conference date approaches. So why not select, register and proceed to payment now. You can use an analogous procedure for Hanover (type: Hannover Flughafen, the name of the city is spelled with two ‘n’ in German) and other German airports.

Jan Hemming
on behalf of the Organizing Committee

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In the last week of June 2017, the University of Kassel and the German speaking branch IASPM-D-A-CH welcome you to the first international conference in Germany since 1991…

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The “Kulturbahnhof” conference center is located in a large brick building that was used for storage purposes in the old days…

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