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The main theme of the upcoming 19th IASPM 2017 conference in Kassel, Germany

Important Dates / Conference deadlines
  • Opening registration: October 1, 2016
  • Deadline for receiving PDFs of full papers for the inclusion in the proceedings: Dec 23, 2016
  • Deadline for “early bird” registration (EUR 170): February 1, 2017 (Normal rate EUR 200)
  • Program draft: March 1, 2017
    Download latest program (May 13th, 2017) >
  • Conference registration deadline: April 30, 2017
  • Withdraw registration at just a 10,- EUR fee: April 30, 2017
  • Final program: May 31, 2017
General Information

In the last week of June 2017, the University of Kassel and the German speaking branch IASPM-D-A-CH welcome you to the first international conference in Germany since 1991. The conference will take place in the “Kulturbahnhof” conference center (Rainer-Dierichs-Platz 6, 34117 Kassel, Germany). Based on the previous CALL FOR PAPERS issued by the academic committe, the conference will cover the six following streams:

Researching Popular Music, Analyzing Popular Music, Teaching and Learning Popular Music, Remapping Popular Music, Narrating Popular Music, Technology and Popular Music

Kulturbahnhof Kassel

The “Kulturbahnhof” conference center is located in a large brick building that was used for storage purposes in the old days. It was part of Kassel’s former main station (“Hauptbahnhof”) which now serves as a regional train station. The conference center  is barrier-free, has two stories and consists of six lecture rooms holding between 60-400 each. More rooms and cinema theaters for film screenings will be added from other parts of the Kulturbahnhof. The building itself also hosts museum and archive of Kassel’s 19th century composer and violinist Louis Spohr, a radion station, a cinema, a cartoon gallery and various shops/cafes.

How to get to Kassel

As for flights, we suggest to fly into Frankfurt, which will offer most possibilities and eventually best prices. There is a train station at the airport and some trains go direct to Kassel (the name of the main station is Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe) in 1h45min. It is a bit of a hassle but you can also take a local train and change at Frankfurt Main Station (Hauptbahnhof).

Tickets can be looked after here and can now be booked six months ahead:
» Train information & ticket booking (english)

Hotels and Guesthouses

In Kassel you can find plenty of hotels. We compiled a list of hotels with over 200 spare beds. However, some require the use of public transport also indicated on the list. For this purpose, we suggest using the “Kassel Card” (EUR 12 for three days / 2 persons) which can be purchased at the Tourist Information inside the Wilhelmshöhe train station. We highly recommend not to wait much longer with booking hotels.

Please also consider using web-platforms such as Trivago or Airbnb to find and book accommodation. However, many private offers will only be put up once the documenta art exhibition (running from June 10 – Sept 17, 2017) approaches.

Click “More info” for a detailed Google Map and a list of all hotels.

Time left to Conference:
















Keynote speakers

Robin James - USA

The Aesthetics & Politics of Post-Feminist Pop, Monday, 9:30 - 10:30

    André Doehring - Austria

    Wednesday 11:30 - 12:30


      The Conference Program of the 19th IASPM 2017. Updated May 13th, 2017.
      » Download latest program (PDF)

      The Aesthetics & Politics of Post-Feminist Pop

      Robin James - USA

      Panel: Emerging practices in curating popular music histories (R1)
      Session: Mediation (R2)
      Eastern Europe and beyond (R4)
      Asia I (R5a)
      Session: Cultural approaches (R5b)
      Session: Popular music in higher education (JBW)
      Session: Transgression (OK1)
      Reseraching places and spaces I (OK2)

      Session: Analysing sound, gender and beyond (R1)
      PANEL News (and Olds News) from Latin America: Perspectives on Popular Music and Popular Culture (R2)
      Session: Creativity (R4)
      Session: Success and Failure: Identity Politics and Media Branding (R5a)
      Asia II (R5b)
      Reseraching places and spaces (JBW)
      PANEL Popular Music in educational institutions in Santa Fe, Argentina. Aspects curricular and pedagogical practices (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… EDM Sound and Production (OK2)

      Miscellaneous (R1)
      PANEL Relations between popular music and Christianity: Interdisciplinary research on historical developments in East and West Germany, 1970–1990 (R4)
      PANEL The Role of Mixing as a creative tool (R5a)
      Session: Case studies in rock (R5b)
      PANEL Interrogating the Music City: Melbourne, Australia (JBW)
      PANEL The perfect girls are pink, not black: gender and difference in the popular music (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… EDM Scenes (OK2)

      09:00 - 11:00
      Paper Parallel Sessions / Panels - all rooms

      PANEL East Asian Popular Music and Nostalgia: Local and Global Imaginations (R1)
      Session: Analysing performance, structure, affect and groove (R2)
      Session: Streaming (R4)
      PANEL Pushing the Boundaries: Studies in Popular Music of the Low Countries (R5a)
      North America (R5b)
      Session: Analysing voice (JBW)
      PANEL War Of Songs - Popular Music and Russia-Ukraine Relations since 2014 (OK1)
      Dancecult Presents… EDM Contexts and Representations (OK2)

      PANEL Data overload – Analysing sound production and remix strategies multi-modally and from multiple perspectives (R1)
      PANEL Music moves (R2)
      PANEL Constructing Multicultural Identities in Korea (R4)
      Northern Europe (R5a)
      Session: 'Writing' narratives of Rock and Pop (R5b)
      Recording & Technology (JBW)
      Session: Visual/music/video (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… Electronic Dance Music and DJ Culture Research Today / DJ Cultures (OK2)

      PANEL Not Left To Our Own Devices: Analysing Music Together (R1)
      PANEL Feedback Loops In Changing Currents: Transnational Repercussions in Japanese Popular Music (R2)
      Eastern and Southern Europe (R4)
      Spain and beyond I (R5a)
      Session: Popular music and teaching (R5b)
      PANEL Rethinking (Popular) Music in the Anthropocene Era (JBW)
      PANEL Popular Music in Socialist Yugoslavia (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… Electronic Dance Music and DJ Culture Research Today / Music (OK2)

      09:00 - 11:.00
      Paper Parallel Sessions / Panels - all rooms

      Session: Music Biz (R1)
      Session: Analysing sonic experiences and representations (R2)
      PANEL Independents and Independence: Pop, Politics and the Indie Ethos (R4)
      Session: Production (R5a)
      PANEL Collapse under the Revolution: Fragmented punk scenes outside Anglo-Saxon sphere (R5b)
      South America (JBW)
      Session: Rock Albums and Indie Aestetics (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… Electronic Dance Music and DJ Culture Research Today / Gender (OK2)

      André Doehring - Austria

      Documenta 14 in Kassel
      Water Games at Herkules/Bergpark
      Walking tour of Kassel-University Campus and the historical city-center
      Berlepsch Castle
      Gedenkstätte Breitenau
      Fulda boat ride
      Day trip to Berlin
      and more ...

      Chasing the China Wind: A Musical Journey (Chen-Yu Lin) 28 Min.

      PANEL Perspectives on German Popular Music (Studies) (R1)
      PANEL: So What? Contemporary Approaches to the Interpretation and Analysis of Disparate Popular Musics (R2)
      PANEL “Saudades” Brazilian Popular Music – Far Away So Close (R4)
      PANEL Mapping musical Europe: music, belonging and place (R5a)
      Listening (R5b)
      Session: Musical Heritage, Museums and Curations (JBW)
      Session: Musician's agency (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… Electronic Dance Music and DJ Culture Research Today / Contexts (OK2)

      PANEL “Narratives of Drum Kit Performance” (R1)
      PANEL Shaping Sounds and Sound as Shapes in Popular Songs – Contemporary Analytical Approaches (R2)
      PANEL Remapping Indie pop-rock in East Asia (R4)
      Criticism & humour (R5a)
      Session: Instruments (R5b)
      Session: Storage / Archive (JBW)
      Session The Raced, Gendered, Sexed, Aged Body in Performance Practice (OK1)
      PANEL Dancecult Presents… Weekend Societies: Electronic Dance Music Festivals and Event-Cultures (OK2)

      09:00 - 10:30
      Paper Parallel Sessions / Panels - all rooms

      PANEL Collaborating musicians between stage and music industry (R1)
      Remapping Rap (R2)
      Session: Mixing (R4)
      PANEL Popular music and dance craze in the Lusophone and Spanish-speaking world: the disco as a postcolonial ritual space (R5a)
      Session: Singing in popular music (R5b)
      Session: Persona and Self (JBW)
      Ethical Remappings (OK1)
      N10 Session: Festivals and Scenes (OK2)

      Session: Analysing originality, creativity and stereotypes (R1)
      DOUBLE SESSION Historiographies of National Memory and Nostalgia: Mediating Past and Futures (R2)
      Global Remappings (R4)
      Session: Popular music in undergraduate education (R5a)
      PANEL The Power of Pop: Musical Genres and the construction of identity in Argentina (R5b)
      PANEL Rewriting and Rereading Narratives of U.S. Popular Music (JBW)
      History of popular music studies (OK1)
      Session: Understanding structures in popular music (OK2)

      History and historiography (R1)
      DOUBLE SESSION Historiographies of National Memory and Nostalgia: Inclusions and Exclusions (R2)
      PANEL Researching popular Music through a live music census (R4)
      Australia and New Zealand (R5a)
      PANEL Paying the Piper: Constructing Narrative in the Contemporary Music Industries (R5b)
      PANEL French Popular Music Studies Today (JBW)
      PANEL Copycat Crimes And Learning By Example: the use of mimesis in popular music learning (OK1)
      Session: Analysing form and changing genre conventions (OK2)
      PANEL Lo-fi worldwide: current local scenes and the precariousness of underground music (R N.N.)

      Online Registration is now closed.

      You will be able to register on site at the conference office.
      Tel. 0049 177 3508106

      IASPM 2017 sponsor

      The conference is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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